Contract Pricing

Tender: Private invitation to bid or public tender.
Initial Review: Review of consultant’s designs and all other relevant project documents
Estimation: Prices project based on material and labour cost estimates
Pre-tender meeting and site visit: Tendering team conducts site visit (if necessary)
Tender submission: Following executive management approval, KAMCO submits the tender (together with the Bid Bond
and any other required documentation)
Post–tender clarifications and negotiation: KAMCO will clarify any issues the Engineer has in connection with its submitted tender
Tender Award: Upon the issuing of the letter of Intent,KAMCO’s executive management will allocate its project (contract)
management team and mobilization will commence.

Project Management Process

I. Preparation:
1. Mobilizations :KAMCO team mobilize to site, establish the site offices and obtain the Building Permit and NOC’s, to enable
the Works to commence
2. a detailed programed is prepared indicating the sequence of Works, dates for the achievement of milestones and dates for the provision of deliverables.
II. Implementation:
1. Daily and weeky progress meetings take place .
2. Workshop drawing and material approval process
is a particularly important area that is given a high level of attention by KAMCO.
3. : Alocating Subcontractors procuring materials
4. Rigorous inspection and testing procedures are followed to ensure the works are carried out in accordance with contract drawings and specifications.
5. Compliance with all health, safety
and welfare procedures
6.Managed in accordance with KAMCO established commercial and financial procedures, involving routine cost-value reconciliations
and cost, to complete exercises.
III. Change:
Change Control: Change control procedure to address the technical,
commercial and contractual implications of project changes
IV. Closing:
1.Close-out: The close-out stage of the project
is followed closely by the team to ensure the project is successfully
handed over and accepted by the Client
2. Defects liability and final completion: Upon the issuing of the
Substantial Completion Certificate.

An Established Network of Sub-Contractors

KAMCO’s internal scope of work typically includes concrete and finishing (civil works), partitions, tiles, painting etc.
Remaining works are outsourced to subcontractors and may include piling and shoring, MEP, timber joinery, glazing, glass work
We have worked in collaboration with a wide range of subcontractors on contracts which provide services ranging from provision
of building materials to soil and water investigations. These relationships have been built over several years providing
KAMCO with a reliable supplier base. We are selective about involving specific subcontractors on our projects that have a reputation for quality and being able to execute and deliver in KAMCO’s highly renowned standards.